21st-26th July 2019
Palm Cove, Queensland, Australia
Great Barriers
Planet Formation
Image: Protoplanetary disc around IM Lupi
Credit: Avenhaus+2018/DARTTS-S/ESO/SPHERE

We are made of dust. How does this dust collect in protoplanetary discs to form planets like the Earth and people like us?

Since 2013 high-resolution observations of protoplanetary discs have been made with ALMA, VLT-SPHERE and other telescopes. Can we make sense of them? We aim to bring together theory and observations to understand how nature overcomes the `Great Barriers' in the planet formation process

The conference will follow a 3-week program of activities on protoplanetary discs at Monash University in Melbourne as part of the EU-funded DUSTBUSTERS collaboration

"Inside the Taurus star-forming complex, HL Tau is a young star..."

ALMA partnership et al. (2015).
And so it began.

Dates: 21st-26th July 2019

Venue: Palm Cove, Queensland, Australia



Observations with ALMA - II

  • L. Perez Planet-forming disks in the era of ALMA.
  • T. Paneque Studying the Spiral Structure in Elias2-27.
  • G. van der Plas Testing spiral arm formation mechanisms with the HD 100453 system.
  • E. Macias Characterization of Ring Substructures in Protoplanetary Disks Using Multiwavelength ALMA Observations.
  • C. Toci HD169142: a laboratory for rings and (possible) planets.
  • Thursday

    Turbulence vs winds

  • X. Bai Angular Momentum Transport in Protoplanetary Disks.
  • M-K Lin Dust settling in turbulent protoplanetary disks.
  • E. Rigliaco Analysis of highresolution spectra of young stars: looking for wind signatures.
  • Z. Xu Probing Protoplanetary Disk Wind with Absorption Line Spectroscopy.
  • T. Demirci Surviving the Storm: Are Planetesimals Safe from the Winds in Protoplanetary Disks?
  • Solar System

  • A. Morbidelli The Jupiter barrier.
  • P. Armitage & G. Lodato How can we overcome the m-size barrier? What is required for future hydrodynamical models?
  • 15th-19th July: Disc-ussion workshop at Monash University in Melbourne. This will be in the form of a "slow" conference, with 3-4 talks per day and plenty of time for collaboration and discussion. More information and REGISTRATION (free but mandatory) here.

    The schedule of the conference is now available here.

    The maximum poster size is A0 vertical.

    A welcome reception will be held 5pm-9pm on the Sunday evening (21st July). We encourage everyone to arrive on Sunday or earlier to explore the area and kick off discussions.

    Peter Ábrahám
    Megan Ansdell
    Phil Armitage
    Xuening Bai
    Giulia Ballabio
    Matthew Bate
    Myriam Benisty
    Pablo Benitez-Llambay
    Eloise Birchall
    Yann Boehler
    Emma Brown
    Samantha Brown Sevilla
    Josh Calcino
    Simon Casassus
    Huei-Ru Chen
    Valentin Christiaens
    Lucas Cieza
    Ilse Cleeves
    Carlos Contreras Peña
    Nicolás Cuello
    Gabriele Cugno
    Ian Czekala
    Tunahan Demirci
    Ruobing Dong
    Catherine Dougados
    Joanna Drazkowska
    Gaspard Duchene
    Linn Eriksson
    Stefano Facchini
    Antonio Garufi
    J-F Gonzalez
    Greta Guidi
    Octavio M. Guilera
    Cassandra Hall
    Gregory Herczeg
    Kieran Hirsh
    Jane Huang
    Silvan Hunziker
    Jeff Jennings
    Shu-ichiro Inutsuka
    Inga Kamp
    Kazuhiro Kanagawa
    Akimasa Kataoka
    Grant Kennedy
    Lucia Klarmann
    Ágnés Kóspal
    Leonardo Krapp
    Stefan Kraus
    Maximilian Kruss
    Rajika Kuruwita
    Guillaume Laibe
    Kurt Liffman
    Min-Kai Lin
    Giuseppe Lodato
    Maxime Lombart
    Ryan Loomis
    Wladimir Lyra
    Enrique Macias
    Sarah Maddison
    Sebastian Marino
    Karina Maucó
    Dimitri Mawet
    James Miley
    Anna Miotello
    Kristina Monsch
    Alessandro Morbidelli
    Diego Munoz
    Rebecca Nealon
    Brodie Norfolk
    Masahiro Ogihara
    Satoshi Ohashi
    Chris Ormel
    Teresa Paneque Carreño
    Laura Perez
    Sebastian Perez
    Martin Pessah
    Giovanni Picogna
    Christophe Pinte
    Daniel Price
    Enrico Ragusa
    Ximena Ramos
    Alvaro Ribas
    Malena Rice
    Clément Robert
    Connor Robinson
    María Paula Ronco
    Giovanni Rosotti
    Sahl Rowther
    Niclas Schneider
    Patrick Sheehan
    Jake Simon
    Scott Suriano
    Judit Szulagyi
    Leonardo Testi
    Claudia Toci
    Ryosuke Tominaga
    Martina Toscani
    Maria Giulia Ubeira Gabellini
    Gerrit van der Plas
    Nienke Van der Marel
    Arnaud Vericel
    Benedetta Veronesi
    Rico Visser
    Kevin Wagner
    Alexander Wallace
    Andrew Winter
    Lisa Woelfer
    James Wurster
    Mark Wyatt
    Ziyan Xu
    Yi Yang
    Alison Young
    Olga Zakhozhay
    Zhaohuan Zhu
    Alice Zurlo


    The conference will be held at the Palm Cove conference centre in Palm Cove, Queensland, Australia

    The nearest airport is Cairns international airport

    For tourism, we recommend setting aside the Saturday following the conference for a boat trip to the Outer Reef. These depart daily from Cairns (you can also arrange pickup/dropoff from Palm Cove).


    We have a special rate negotiated at the conference hotel. To receive this rate book via Tel +61 7 4729 2000 or groups@hgcpalmcove.com.au.

    Room typeRoom only+1 breakfast+2 breakfast
    Standard room$120$135$150
    Superior room$140$155$170
    Standard suite$160$175$190
    Superior suite$180$195$210

    A description of each room type is available here. Note that the special rates above are only valid for single, twin or double occupancy of the rooms.

    The venue will also price-match any quote obtained from an external website (e.g. specials).

    Palm cove is a small town, so any hotel in Palm Cove will be within walking distance of the conference venue.


    CLICK HERE TO REGISTER. Be quick! Early bird closes 1st 31st March 2019 and numbers are limited.

    March 1st, 2019: Deadline for title/abstract submission for contributed talks and posters.

    March 23rd, 2019: Oral contribution selection.

    March 1st 31st, 2019: Early bird registration deadline.
    Standard/Student fares: 500/370 AUD.

    April 30th, 2019: Final registration deadline.
    Standard/Student fares: 600/480 AUD.

    Registration fee includes conference related costs, Sunday welcome reception, all tea/coffee breaks, Monday to Friday lunches, conference dinner and excursion to a crocodile farm.

    Please be assured all user information submitted as part of the registration process will be used only for the purpose of organising the conference itself (and the pre-conference program), to comply with GDPR regulations.


    Submit your title/abstract separately via the form below:


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    Daniel Price
    Richard Alexander
    Simon Casassus
    Valentin Christiaens
    J-F. Gonzalez
    Kaitlin Kratter
    Guillaume Laibe
    Giuseppe Lodato
    Christophe Pinte
    Jonathan Williams


    Daniel Price (chair)
    Christophe Pinte (co-chair)
    Valentin Christiaens (co-chair)
    Daniel Mentiplay
    Isabella Gerrard
    Sergei Biriukov
    David Liptai